Alcohol Detox and Behavioral Health Rehab Treatment

For the longest time I have blamed my parents and others for my alcoholism and my inability to face the problem. I blamed my dad for his own abusive and violent drinking binges, my mom for tolerating it for her whole life, and the rest of the troublesome friends, girlfriends and other relationships in my life that always pushed me to the refuge of a bottle. This was the blameful mentality I held for years towards everyone in my life that was only finally washed away and cleansed after my alcohol detox, at the beginning of my recovery.

I can see now that while I may have been somewhat ‘genetically predisposed’ to alcohol abuse, my own angry and self-pitying ego was indeed the main excuse I used to keep forcing myself back into drinking my problems away. I would subconsciously scan all fronts of my life for the slightest discomfort or hardship and justify my drinking behavior through it. After I completed my alcohol detox and alcohol rehab I left with the knowledge of how to quiet my old addictive inner thought temptations because of all my behavioral health counseling sessions. Prior to receiving alcohol rehab treatment I had always believed that I was a victim of my life’s events and powerless over my thoughts and reactions to them. But I learned a new way of positive thinking through a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and spiritual guided meditation (yes it really works and isn’t just for the monks), and some other forms of holistic rehab I received during my treatment. Today I have reconnected with and reinforced my foundation of who I am without feeling the same strong desire for alcohol in my life.

If someone were to tell me a couple months ago where I was going and how alcohol detox and rehab would change my life, I would have laughed in their face out of disbelief. But now I know that it’s never too late to change one’s ways and reform bad habits. With each passing day I am still amazed at the realization of how much addiction can be helped using behavioral health focused rehab treatment. I just would like to implore everyone seeking a way out addiction to go to an alcohol detox and rehab treatment place like I did. But you need to go to a place that has both alcohol detox and rehab treatment. If you go to a place just for alcohol detox and don’t get any treatment you’ll find yourself drinking again the next time life stresses you out.

Contact the The National Center for Alcohol and Drug Detox anytime toll-free at (888) 243-3869 or through our online form, for our recommendations of the best medically licensed detox centers for you or your loved one!

Detox should never be attempted in your home or without medical supervision at a licensed detox treatment facility. For your safety we do not recommend any rapid or ultra rapid detox centers.