Detox from Painkillers Gave Me a Much Needed Do-Over

I was seventeen years old when I first started abusing pills, but didn't enter detox for painkillers until I was twenty. My addiction to Vicodin delayed college, ruined my credit, caused my family immense pain and anguish and almost killed me. It was never my intention to get hooked on these pills. Like a lot of people my age, I thought that since you could get a prescription for Vicodin, it was a safe drug that provided a temporary feeling of euphoria with no real dangerous effects. It wasn't until I entered detox for painkillers, that I realized how quickly a person can develop an addiction, and how much pain and sickness can occur when the body is suddenly forced to go without them. 

A lot of people start abusing Vicodin because of a prescription they had for a legitimate injury—not me. I came to need detox for painkillers because I made stupid decisions in high school. They were there, I was bored and I took them…end of story. What started off as a casual means of escape manifested in a full-blown addiction that nearly got me expelled from school. I managed to graduate with a D average and a mile-long wrap-sheet that kept me out of literally every college I applied to. I didn't think my life was worth a nickel, and acted that way for two years until I finally entered detox for painkillers. 
Ordinarily when your joints start to scream with pain and you can't hold down a job because you're always flying off the handle, you'd think about reevaluating your behavior. The trouble was, by this point I couldn't. I was entrenched in a routine that brought me to my dealer's apartment once a week, and to a state of intoxication for the remaining six. I was living with my parents and they had no idea what to do, so they went for broke and gave me an ultimatum that I either enter detox for painkillers or find some place else to live. At the time I was ready to tell them what they could do with their ultimatum, but there was a part of me that hated the withdrawal period more than I liked getting high and a bigger part of me that dreaded being homeless. So I did as they asked and enrolled in painkiller detox. 
I came out a stronger, healthier and more energetic person after my program. I could only imagine what it would have been like had I not gotten professional detox for painkillers—doing this on my own would have been impossible. They did an amazing job of managing my withdrawal symptoms, and an even better job of keeping me comfortable. I entered therapy, and I'm finally in college. I'm living the life I was meant to live, before I was derailed by Vicodin, and am glad that my immaturity in high school didn't dictate the person I was to ultimately become. Entering painkiller detox was as smart as abusing Vicodin was stupid.

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