I finally got off my Detox Merry-Go-Round

If there was one thing I eventually learned during my substance abuse recovery battle, it's that detox and rehab are a package deal. If you want to have a long lasting recovery, you can't have one without the other.

I had been suffering with an oxycodone addiction for two years before I finally made my first attempt at a local detox facility. I felt pretty beat-up going through their detox program, but still managed to get through it. After I left, I felt a real sense of accomplishment . . . that lasted about a week until I was back on the phone with my dealer again. My wife found out that I relapsed, and threatened to leave me if I didn't try again. I decided to try a different detox the second time figuring that I must have just went to the wrong detox the first time, but I got the same exacts results again. So, once again I tried going to a different place again for my third attempt at a detox only facility.
At this point I had been to three different detox only places in Florida, only to relapse each time shortly after leaving their facilities. After each stint at one of these detox only places I couldn't keep myself from giving into my temptation of using again.  It was after my third failed attempt to stay clean after detox that I realized I was never going to get better if I continued to keep going round and round on this detox merry-go-round.
My wife did research online and told me I needed to do more than just go to detox . She said I needed to go to a place that offered both detox and rehab treatment.  She showed me a place that she found in Florida that offered behavioral mental health counseling in addition to detox.  They attempt to identify the root causes of a person's addiction first. Then they try to teach them how to recondition their minds previous ineffective response when faced with the temptation to use again after leaving their treatment center.
I choose their 30-day program that combined professional medical detox with drug rehab treatment at their residential facility in Pam Beach. I very quickly realized what a difference this place was in comparison to any of the detox only places that I had tried previously.  It would take a lot of time and effort on my part to learn how to develop the mental strength to resist temptation.  After I left their treatment center for the first time in a long time, I felt that I was in charge again of my life, and not the other way around anymore with drugs being in charge.
I've been clean now for nine months and I directly attribute my success to the rehab treatment and the tools I learned after I completed my initial drug detoxification.

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Detox should never be attempted in your home or without medical supervision at a licensed detox treatment facility. For your safety we do not recommend any rapid or ultra rapid detox centers.