My Brother's Homemade Crystal Meth Lab

While I was in crystal meth detox I thought a lot about this incredibly destructive substance that forced me into detox and led to my brother's death.  In my experience, I believe that most suburban and city folk don’t think too much of drugs being a problem out in the country and rural areas of our nation.  Perhaps the only image that comes to mind for many is the old prohibition moonshiners and bootleggers churning out illegal liquor all through the night.  But hear this when I say: methamphetamine is a drug epidemic that has taken over and devastated so many once thriving and peaceful communities.  It has an overwhelming addiction to it that’s surpassed by none and I consider it nothing short of a miracle to have actually made it to rehab.

Before meth took over my life, I worked humbly in my brother’s successful mechanics shop and parts yard.  I was happy, doing my best at the job and living the blue collar life.  At one point we soon became overwhelmed from being suddenly swamped with an abundance of work.  It seemed that every broken piece of farming machinery and truck in the whole damn county was coming to us, and while this was great for business, my co-workers and I were simply getting more worn down by our human limits with each passing day.  Whenever we would finish one job, 3 more new ones seemed to be right there waiting for us.  It was not long before my brother introduced us to “something to help motivate us” and keep us working through the night.  I was even aware of the potential dangers of crystal meth use at the time, but I also felt was confident in my discipline and was actually looking forward to a little extra on the job help. 

In no time flat our whole shop was working relentlessly through the day and night, making overtime, tackling repair job after repair job, and feeling great and energized about it all the time.  For weeks we were continuously fueled with energy and productivity until we were eventually sucked into full blown addiction.  Within months our tolerances had skyrocketed, the crashes became UNBEARABLE, and the ice my brother had been supplying was no longer enough.  Due to its ease to manufacture, our off time from work was soon completely over taken by our in-house methamphetamine production.  Within a year, my brother’s business had closed and our meth making was now our fulltime job.  By this time, the few of us were working in a psychotic state, existing as paranoid and delusional zombies dedicated completely to our next fix. 

My family whom we used to be very close to just watched helplessly as my brother and I withered away as the human beings they once loved, until tragedy struck.  One day when I was out making runs, I got a call from my sister who was crying hysterically.  While I couldn’t understand what she was saying, my worst fears became reality as I pulled up to the burning embers of what used to be my brother’s house.  Apparently there was an huge explosion caused by the home crystal meth lab in his basement.  My brother who was working in the lab when it blew up died from the 3rd degree burns he had gotten all over his body.  The utter shock and horror of what just happened combined with my family’s pain was enough to shake me temporarily to my senses, and I agreed to get help with my meth addiction.  My family had apparently already been looking into crystal meth detox and treatment options but had not yet approached my brother and I before it was too late for my brother. 

Only when I completed my crystal meth detox did I understand just how far gone my brother and I had been from reality.  I started the actual methamphetamine rehabilitation program after I completed the crystal meth detox.  The treatment center put back together one day at a time.  Looking back on it all now I realize how truly lucky I really was and how guilty I feel about my brother not being here today.  I too could have easily have been there with my brother in his meth lab.  I have since been educated, reformed and re-entered society as a new person, who has wholeheartedly dedicated his life to sober living and trying to encourage others to get the help they need too.

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