For My Daughter

I was never sicker or in more pain than the first time I tried to detox from alcohol, including my three major surgeries and two root canals. I had made the decision to stop drinking after my daughter was born. I wanted her to come into this world with a clean slate and a father who was able to properly care for her. I was determined to give her the best life possible. Unfortunately, sometimes physical strength doesn't match up to mental resolve and I had an incredibly hard with my first attempt at alcohol detox when I tried to go cold turkey. 
As I thought about how hard it was to quit drinking, I was astonished that I had let it get this bad. I never really considered how big of a problem I had until I tried to fix it. It was like I pulled the lid off of a can of poisonous snakes that had to be contained or killed before the lid could be shut again. It was a surprise I never wanted to get, but one I couldn't ignore. I was faced with the reality that if I might be an alcoholic, and that scared me more than anything ever had in my life. 
For about a week, I tried it the old-fashioned way; plenty of sleep, dumping the bottles, over-the-counter pain meds…the whole bit. When nothing was working, I suggested to my wife that I needed professional help. She took one look at me and agreed. With my daughter's baby picture in the back (and front) of my mind the whole time, I checked myself into inpatient alcohol detox. Three years later, I can admit that I was the most frightened and confused I'd ever been during the ride there; however the ride home was a completely different story. 
I felt at ease the minute I walked in, but it took a lot of physical effort to actually ride it out. Luckily I had great doctors and nurses who went to what seemed like the ends of the earth to make me feel comfortable. I was never treated like a "patient", but more like a human being who needed real help. Perhaps the best thing about my detox was that I never felt alone—this was everything to me as I was miles away from my family. I wouldn't have been able to last if they didn't make me feel so comfortable. 
Since I've completed my alcohol detox, I've been able to be the father I always knew I could be. My physical health has improved dramatically, I'm performing better at my job and I'm just an all-around happier person. 

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Detox should never be attempted in your home or without medical supervision at a licensed detox treatment facility. For your safety we do not recommend any rapid or ultra rapid detox centers.