My Fast Break Into OxyContin Detox

When you're going through your parents medicine cabinet, looking for some relief from unbearable shoulder pain, you're not really thinking about how that relief could lead to having to go to a Oxycontin detox one day! 

I am the first to admit that I have always been a below average student. My big break I knew would only come from my basketball skills. I had gotten good enough in high school that knew my basketball ability could get me into a college somewhere. As things started to play out, and it looked like nothing could stop me, but then fate dealt me a bad hand and I got hurt with a bad shoulder injury right in the middle of the season.
I remember the injury like it was yesterday-everything after that just seems like a nightmare. It was the third quarter and I jumped up about five feet in the air to block a shot, but missed and wound up crashing all of my weight down on my right shoulder. The pain was excruciating and I was forced to sit out the rest of that game and the next four. I was devastated, especially when I noticed my team winning without me. I remember thinking I needed to do anything I could to get back in the game. My father had an old, but still usable, supply of these painkillers called Oxycontin from his dental appointment a few months back-and just like my Dad didn't use any of them. I had heard how strong they were from some of the kids at school so I thought if this was going to get me back on the court, I had to give it a shot. Not only did it get me back on the court, but I felt better than I had in a while. My doctor had given me some extra-strength aspirins, but I could have gotten that level of pain relief on my own by taking a couple of Advil. 
Oxycontin, or as I call it Oxy on the other hand offered immediate relief long enough for me to still play and practice every day. It was just like a gift from heaven, little did I know then that this gift would eventually land me in an Oxycontin detox facility one day. 
Because of the Oxy I was actually able to finish the season, but I was still hurting pretty bad and my game numbers kept dropping. I knew I had to take the off-season to practice hard and get back to my old self. This coming season would be the year that college scouts started coming to our games. When I finished all of my Dad's Oxycontin from my parents medicine chest, I got scared. I didn't know where I'd be able to get more, plus I didn't know how I was going to explain it to my dad. I never actually had talk to my dad about it because he never needed to take any of the pills. At this point I started asking around and found someone who sold painkillers right at my school. This guy became my new best friend and I came to rely on him more and more. He was my dealer for about four months, until he got arrested. Without my Dad's Oxy, I was in almost as much pain as when I first got hurt. I also couldn't sleep and was throwing up a lot. I knew I needed to get some help, but I was afraid to tell anyone what was going on.
I decided to just tell my Mom that I had taken my Dad's pain pills and developed a addiction as a result and now I needed help to get off of them. She told me that she would make it right with my Dad and they would get me the help I needed. My Mom is my angel on earth and good to her word she let my Dad know and he actually felt sorry for me and wanted to help! I knew they didn't have much money, but fortunately their insurance covered the detox treatment I needed and I got off the Oxy for good!
I am now in my first year of college, thanks to the partial basketball scholarship that I received. I will definitely be thinking real hard before I ever consider taking another painkiller like Oxycontin again.

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