A New Rx: Prescription Pill Detox

I’d done it before – prescription pill detox. I thought I was past it; I thought I was recovered.  Nineteen years, nineteen chips later, I picked up the bottle again.  I never saw it coming. I didn’t recognize the warning signs. And my children, my children bore the brunt of my absence during my addiction – and during my prescription pill detox. They were old enough by then to recognize it as an addiction, an addiction in need of a specific prescription pill detox.  I think one of my biggest regrets is getting caught and being recognized as an addict, by my children—of all people! I should have gone back to treatment as soon as I finished swallowing those first few pills, on that very first day! Instead, I put my children, who were young teenagers back then, through hell. 

I can’t imagine what it must have been like for them to witness my addiction spiral out of control. (I never grew up with an addict for a mom; I was lucky).  Barely being able to walk without stumbling, much less communicate without stuttering, I represented everything that I wanted them to grow up NOT to be.  I had planned on teaching them by example.  I guess, I accomplished that, in one way that I had never imagined. When I think of the permanent emotional and mental damage I imposed on them, I shudder.

Like I said, I’d done it before. I survived it. I knew I could get through it. But, boy, I did not want to do it again – prescription pill detox, that is.  It took a lot of begging, pleading and twisting of –both—of my arms on my family’s part. The first time around, detox was some of the darkest days of my life.  Sure, they were some of the brightest days thereafter but I remembered it being akin to walking slowly through fire to get to the ocean.

It’s true what they say about denial.  An addict always thinks that the addict is in control.  I know that’s why it took me so long to go back to prescription pill detox: that coupled with the awful, physically painful memories of detox.  Thinking about going through that whole process again, was enough to trigger a feeling of pain in my mind and transfer it throughout my body. Then, when the thought processed, I usually chased it with a pill – or 4.

I don’t know how my children survived my addiction or subsequent prescription pill detox.  The emotional electricity of all the surrounding chaos of my addiction had to make their teenage years – which are already painful on their own – that much more difficult. These days, having lived through round 2 of prescription pill detox, I try to remember that I need to stay healthy not only for me but for my kids.

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