My BFF's: Amaretto, Scotch, Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels

Young alcoholic woman looking at empyy wine glass.

Even though I’ve been in recovery for years. I still have difficulty looking back on all the damage my alcoholism caused to others and myself. But the most difficult thing to look back on is my alcohol detox. I wish I could forget it. I can’t and I know, it’s better for me and the people I love that I don’t.

I’d already been drinking long before the age of twenty-one. Where I grew up getting a hold of anything illicit was a regular occurrence, and I’d developed a taste for cordials in my pre-teens.

As I got older, Amaretto gave way to Scotch and Southern Comfort gave way to Jack Daniels. When that got too expensive, whatever rotgut was available did just fine.

Unlike some of my recovering friends who tell me, so much of their alcoholism is blurred. Lots of mine is clear in my memory. Especially the parts just before and just after my drunkenness, like the terrible things I said to my mom, just before she threw me out of her house.

In my life, I’d been beaten badly by an ex-boyfriend. I’ve been held up at gunpoint and I’ve been homeless. But the worst thing I ever experience was going to a local alcohol detox close to my home in NJ.

Drunk, I’d fallen off a bar stool and suffered a bad shoulder injury. After the emergency room, I was told if I continued to drink. I’d soon be dead.

Next, I was taken to the mental health ward to “dry out,” a pleasant way of telling me, “Girl, you need detox.” I only wished I had gone to get detoxed at the same place I went to for my inpatient treatment down in Florida.  Because the local detox I went to here in NJ was really awful! I recall being up for what seemed like days vomiting, having convulsive shakes, and even hallucinations.

One of the things I can’t remember was how long I remained in detox. When I finally emerged, my mom was there to mercifully drive me to the excellent rehab I was lucky to hear about in Florida for treatment. For the first time in a long time, we had a girl to girl and realized that I liked Mom and I was glad she’d be part of my journey to sobriety.

Monica V. 
Mecklenburg, NC

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