The Price do Doing Nothing

I became an anti-addiction advocate because, in my own experience, I felt there was an empathy lacking in most treatment facilities. I’d been through three different programs, myself, and only during my last foray into treatment, did I feel that my therapist really understood what I was going through. To make a long story short, helping others has helped to me stay successful in my own recovery, and has shed light on some interesting reasons why patients hesitate or flat out refuse to seek treatment. One of the most common obstacles to treatment is fear of the withdrawal process brought on by detox.

Let me say, from personal experience, that detox and withdrawal management aren’t a picnic. Anyone who says they can guarantee you a pain-free alcohol detox is either intentionally lying to you or misinformed regarding the physical and psychological toll the process takes. With that being said, concentrated and focused detox is the only real first step toward recovery. You can’t hope to take your life back from alcohol unless you’re willing to rid your body of it. I’ve seen many people experience needlessly relapse because they tried to detox on their own. Cold turkey rarely works, if ever, and people get locked in a frustrating cycle of failure because they don’t think they can take withdrawal.

Detox and withdrawal management are much easier if you have people that know what they’re doing handling the process. There is world of difference between trying to dry out by yourself in your bedroom with the doors locked and relying on experienced professionals to help manage your pain and illness. Traditional medical detox is the key to a successful recovery and can help you uncover strengths and resources that you never even knew were there. Patients experiencing alcohol withdrawal need compassionate and supportive symptom relief in order to keep going, and better process the rehabilitation and behavior modification portion of their treatment program.

Professional alcohol detox offers sterile facilities, a nurturing and attentive support staff and doctors who are trained to mitigate alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This is why patients who seek detox at a professional inpatient facility are considerably more likely to experience long-term success than those who attempt to detox on their own. As someone who let the fear of withdrawal preclude from getting the help I needed for so long, I can tell you that you can wait all you want, but it’s never going to get easier until you do it. The longer you wait, the harder it is likely to be.

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Detox should never be attempted in your home or without medical supervision at a licensed detox treatment facility. For your safety we do not recommend any rapid or ultra rapid detox centers.