Luxury Alcohol Detox

Individuals of means are often highly vulnerable to alcohol addiction. Powerful professionals have been hashing out important mergers over drinks almost as long as affluent oenophiles have been enjoying fine wines. Luxury alcohol rehab exists for patients who want to get the best care available, without totally relinquishing their comfortable lifestyle. It combines the quality and professionalism of regular alcohol detox with the resort-like setting and amenities of your most treasured vacation spots. The principle philosophy behind luxury alcohol detox is the idea that the patientshould be concerned with nothing beyond getting better. Alcoholism does not play fair, so if the patient can afford extra distractions to keep them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed, so be it. Luxury alcohol rehab is a tried and true addiction recovery formula that has yielded astounding success rates. You have worked your whole life, and now you need a little help; let the National Center for Detox find it for you. 

Why Luxury Alcohol Detox?

The sad fact is that many patients exit rehab in the middle of the detox phase. This occurs for a variety of reasons: pain, illness, strength of addiction, fear, etc. Luxury drug rehab all but eliminates these obstacles by offering qualified patients a restful, serene and beautiful setting in which to recover. In addition to the natural beauty of the location, there are also a variety of perks to which patients are privy, including:

  • Tennis and Basketball Courts
  • Golf Courses
  • Swimming Pools
  • Large and Luxuriously Appointed Suites
  • Gourmet Food
  • Inhouse Massage Therapist
  • Fully Appointed Gym

Luxury alcohol detox is meant to mirror the patient’s pre-treatment lifestyle, and feel more like a cure than a jail-sentence. Luxury alcohol rehab programs are also staffed with some of the world’s leading addiction care specialists and mental health professionals--the patient is not simply paying for a rehab that looks pretty. The reason why there are so many perks and distractions is that if the patient is comfortable, or as comfortable as they can be during detox, they will be considerably more inclined to complete it. A patient should be afforded every advantage in an effort to beat this rapidly advancing enemy; the comforts of home are just another one of those advantages. Stripping a patient of everything that makes their life worth living during treatment is counterproductive and dangerous, and will almost inevitably result in relapse. Luxury alcohol detox is designed for successful, yet hardworking individuals who are ready to get serious about beating their addiction, but not at the expense of their entire life. So the question of whether or not affluent substance abusers should enter luxury drug detox is not “why?” -- it's “why not?”

What to Expect from Luxury Alcohol Detox

First and foremost, a physician trained in alcohol addiction should perform a full physical evaluation to determine the level of addiction and what can be done to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. After that should come a personalized course of professionally administered detox. Perhaps you would like to swim in an Olympic-sized pool or have a gourmet meal prepared by an in-house five-star chef, or perhaps you would just like to go home and watch your oversized TV in your personal luxury suite—the possibilities are nearly endless. The only thing you “have” to do is focus on permanently defeating the addiction that brought you to the program.

Symptoms of Withdrawal during Luxury Alcohol Detox

Luxury alcohol detox also offers the best doctors and support staff to manage your withdrawal symptoms. While it is dishonest to characterize any detox as painless, patients who enter into a luxury program will have the benefit of the best addiction pain management in the world. A staff of medical experts who are trained in alcohol addiction, watches you round-the-clock to monitor your withdrawal pains, and handle any and all emergencies. Successful pain management will ensure that the patient stays in the program, and does not get discouraged, as is all too common in the world of addiction recovery. 

The Lasting Benefits of Luxury Alcohol Detox

Patients who successfully complete luxury alcohol detox will gain an unmatched clarity and renewed focus. They will be privy to the best addiction care available, in the world’s most beautiful surroundings. Patients succumb to alcohol abuse through various circumstances. Perhaps the pressure of your job was too much; perhaps casual and social drinking got you in over your head before you even knew or perhaps you are the victim of genetics. Whatever the case may be, your hard work and success can work for you. The only thing required of you is a proactive attitude and a willingness to take the time off to do this. It might not seem like it, as you endeavor to seek help, but the other side of luxury alcohol detox can be a bright and promising place, where your life becomes yours again, and you are free of alcohol addiction. 

Let Us Help You Find the Right Luxury Alcohol Detox

Each day that passes without treatment is another battle lost to alcohol addiction. You have the means, you have the strength, and somewhere in there you have the will to kick your dependence on alcohol for good. Now is the time for you to lean on the loved ones over whom you have no doubt spent your entire life watching. They can help you take that first critical step toward lasting recovery. The National Detox Center can also help. We have an extensive list of the country’s most successful luxury alcohol detox programs. Call us now, and one of our representatives will see which one is right for you.

Contact the The National Center for Alcohol and Drug Detox anytime toll-free at (888) 243-3869 or through our online form, for our recommendations of the best medically licensed detox centers for you or your loved one!

Detox should never be attempted in your home or without medical supervision at a licensed detox treatment facility. For your safety we do not recommend any rapid or ultra rapid detox centers.