Colorado (CO) Alcohol and Drug Detox

Scope and Importance

The need for high-quality, effective alcohol and drug detox facilities spans the entire state of Colorado. Drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine are wildly popular and pose an increasing threat to virtually every portion of the state’s population. Colorado is also a storied “drinking state” and home to numerous large and small-scale microbreweries. The state’s drinking culture has given birth to a sizable alcoholism problem, and the need for a comprehensive approach to CO alcohol and drug detox. Detox is the first step toward any successful recovery, and should be treated with the utmost delicacy and seriousness. Comfort and safety are two non-negotiable factors of any successful detox program. The better a patient’s experience in detox is, the more open they will be to subsequent rehab and a life free of substance abuse and addiction

CO Drug Detox

Without proper CO drug detox, Colorado substance abuse victims run the risk of declining further and further into physical illness, and eventually death. It’s imperative that CO drug detox professionals know how to handle the withdrawal process of all major drugs, the symptoms of which tend to include: insomnia, depression, severe muscle and joint pain, trouble breathing, irritability, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures. The combination and severity of these symptoms will vary entirely based upon the drug the patient is addicted, however all symptoms are best managed by a qualified detox professional.

CO Alcohol Detox

Statewide alcoholism is currently one of Colorado’s biggest substance abuse problems. CO alcohol detox programs see patients of virtually every background and age group. The physical and emotional symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be devastating, and include: insomnia, irritability, depression, tremors, anxiety and severe headaches. There are CO alcohol detox facilities scattered all over the state to help patients effectively free themselves from substance abuse and addiction. Patients that attempt to detox from alcohol on their own are more vulnerable to relapse, physical and mental illness, and death.

CO Prescription Drug Detox

OxyContin is the most commonly abused prescription drug in Colorado. Vicodin, Valium, Xanax and Diazepam are also huge contributors to the need for CO prescription drug detox. The withdrawal process from prescriptions can be especially heinous due to the lack of medication options available to patients that are in extreme pain. CO prescription drug detox must be managed by a qualified and responsible professional who can handle any medical emergencies, and mitigate withdrawal symptoms as much as possible to keep patients comfortable and relaxed.

CO Street Drug Detox

Street drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine are becoming increasingly prevalent in Colorado. Street drug withdrawal can be one of the most harrowing ordeals any patient can face, and calls for a professional, experienced, and compassionate touch. Although detox can be a physically and emotionally taxing process, it’s the only right way to begin a rehabilitation process. Patients that start with a clean system and renewed energy and focus are exponentially more likely to beat their addiction than those who allow toxins to linger in their system.

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Detox should never be attempted in your home or without medical supervision at a licensed detox treatment facility. For your safety we do not recommend any rapid or ultra rapid detox centers.