My husband and I contacted your National Center for Alcohol and Drug Detox website and received an excellent recommendation for a rehab center for our son. We were very impressed with the rehab center’s focus on the safety of their patients, especially during the dangerous detoxification stage. Our son went through their cocaine detox program and responded very favorablly to their rehab treatment for the first time (this was his 3rd stint at rehab).

He thinks the difference this time was the rehab center’s holistic approach to healing and the stress-free welcoming environment he received through his treatment there. He specifically mentioned the meditation and expressive therapy that were very beneficial for helping him calm down his impulsive nature. It gave him a new perception of awareness on how to quiet his constantly racing mind. It also provided him with the necessary introspective ability to find the root cause of his addiction from his childhood.

Over the last 90 days since our son finished treatment he has completely transformed virtually every aspect of his life in both a positive and progressive way. My husband and I felt compelled to write and thank you for finding us this facility that turned our son’s life around.

Beth and Ben R., Livingston, NJ

My husband and I would like to give our sincerest thank you to your website for giving us the information and assistance to get my stepson into the right painkiller detox and rehab. In the last several years we have watched him degenerate from a respectable young man into prescription pill addict who recently started stealing to support his habit. This transformation has been hard for us to bear since my husband and I believed we had already lost control over his situation and just watched helplessly as our son fell deeper and deeper into his painkiller addiction. We’ve known for a while that painkiller detox was what our son desperately needed to get off of the painkillers.

We contacted your website for advice on what to do and how to get him into detox. We have always been hesitant about getting outside help for any private family problem. But we were so impressed with the professionalism and instructions that we received right over the phone that we knew we did the right thing by contacting you. My husband and I were both filled with hope for our son when we finished talking with you. First you put us in touch with a professional interventionist. You had explained that interventionist would get our son to agree to go to detox, so he would be too cleansed of the extensive cocktail of prescription drugs that he was abusing. The interventionist you recommended turned out to be a true blessing. He was very effective and got our son to understand the possible dire consequences of his drug addiction. Certainly in a way my husband and I weren’t ever able to do before on our own. It was truly a wonderful moment when our hearts almost burst with surprise and relief, from hearing him actually say the words, “Ok, I’ll go…”

The final step was contacting the painkiller detox & rehab center that you recommended for our son. We felt very assured when you told us that the place you recommended was one of the safest painkiller detox and rehab centers in the country.

We just heard that our son made it through the detox very well, and as his councilor over the phone put it “is really thriving here,” in his 4th and final week of rehab treatment. Thank you once again for your professional and dedicated efforts.

Sally and Jim B., Virginia Beach, VA